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footverse is a digital marketing agency merging football with web3 technology, committed to pioneering a new era of sport focused digital projects.


These unique football cards, our project’s NFT cornerstone, are limited to 200, each featuring a distinct football legend. Owning one enhances your fan experience and connection to the football world.

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The Footverse App offers fans a secure platform for buying and storing Digital Limited Tickets, as well as easy access to club merchandise. A unique pin on these phygital items unlocks special match features.


Footverse community will get access to a private box at one selected stadium. It will be a place devoted only to our NFT holders, therefore no one without the NFT card will be able to enter the lounge.


The possession of our NFTs will give the possibility to enter some particular sports events. Not only will it be football matches, but also various sports activities organized by our agency and our partners.


Footverse, beyond NFTs and football, champions young talent. Our NFT holders support aspiring athletes via the Footverse Academy, integral to their success journey. The Academy discovers and develops talent, fostering an unprecedented fan-player bond.

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